Progress on topological zero line mode
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  • 报告主题:Progress on topological zero line mode


    时  间:201766日(周 10:00-10:40

    地  点:南区物理光电楼物理与能源学院N1206会议室



            In graphene, there are several types of degrees of freedom. By manipulating them, band gaps with various topological properties can be opened. One of the externally tunable method is via applying vertical electric field in bilayer graphene. By spatially varying the field direction, a topological zero line mode can be produced along the zero field lines. In this talk, we will review the progress on realizing the topological zero line modes from both theoretical and experimental sides.

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           乔振华教授于2009年在香港大学物理系获得博士学位,之后在美国德州大学奥斯汀分校从事博士后研究。2013年入选中科院百人计划加入中国科学技术大学。2014年入选中组部青年千人计划。主要从事低维体系电子输运理论研究和拓扑材料物性研究。已在Nature Nanotechnology, Review on Progress in Physics, Physical Review Letters 等国际高水平期刊上发表SCI论文40余篇,其中四篇被选为ISI高被引用论文,总引用1300余次。