A DSP implementation of the control of a MEMs ring gyroscope
  • 来源:深圳大学物理与能源学院
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  • 发布时间:2017-05-09 17:23:10
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  • 报告主题:A DSP implementation of the control of a MEMs ring gyroscope

    报 告 人:胡终须 研究员(英国纽卡斯尔大学)

    地    点:物理与光电大楼物理与能源学院N1206会议室

    时    间:2017年5月10日(周三)14:30-15:30



    In this presentation, five contents will be include,

    1.  Algorithms introduction of a ring vibrating MEMs gyroscope: Vibration modes,

    2.  Dynamic model,

    3.  Parametric excitation of the primary mode:

    4.  Parametric amplification of the coriolis force:

    a.  Difficulties in phase control to amplify the coriolis force

    b.  Electrostatic tuning: mode angle, mode coupling, frequency split.

    c.  Open loop control scheme and results

    5.  DSP implementation:

    a.  Structure of DSP based Gyroscope control system

    b.  Major issues in the implementation: signal generation, measurements, synchronous demodulation, real time programming and etc.



    胡终须, 英国纽卡斯尔大学机械与系统学院研究员。Research interests: Characterization and interface electronics of highly sensitive MEMs sensors, DSP and FPGA based signal processing and control system development for MEMS sensors