Quantum spin Hall effect and tunable spin transport in As-graphane
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  • 报告主题:Quantum spin Hall effect and tunable spin transport in As-graphane


    时  间:2017年9月26日(周)下午 2:30-4:00

    地  点:南区物理与能源学院N1206会议室



        Tunable spin transport in nano devices is highly desirable to spintronics. Here, we predict existence of quantum spin Hall effects and tunable spin transport in As-graphane, based on first-principle density functional theory and tight binding calculations. Monolayer As-graphane is constituted by using As adsorbing on graphane with honeycomb H vacancies. Owing to the surface strain, monolayer As-graphane nanoribbons will self-bend toward the graphane side. The naturally curved As-graphane nanoribbons then exhibit unique spin transport properties, distinctively different from the flat ones, which is a two-dimensional topological insulator. Under external stress, one can realize tunable spin transport in curved As-graphane nanoribon arrays. Such intriguing mechanical bending induced spin flips can offer promising applications in the future nano-spintronics devices.



       张礼智博士毕业于中科院物理所,现就职于美国橡树岭国家实验室纳米材料科学中心,从事二维材料、表面界面系统以及化学催化反应等方面的研究。目前,张礼智博士已在JACSNano Letter, ACS Nano, SMALL, PRB 等杂志发表研究论文30多篇,H-index15,总引用大于1400