Development of Flat Panel X-ray Source and Detector for Low Dose X-ray Imaging
  • 来源:深圳大学物理与能源学院
  • 发布者:学院办公室
  • 发布时间:2017-09-15 10:40:34
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  • 报告主题:Development of Flat Panel X-ray Source and Detector for Low Dose X-ray Imaging

    报告嘉宾:陈军, 中山大学教授、博导

    时  间:2017920日(周三)下午2: 30-4:30

    地  点:南区物理与能源学院1206会议室



         X-ray imaging systems are widely used in medical imaging, security and industrial inspection etc. X ray source and detector are the key components of X-ray imaging systems.Low-dose X-ray imaging demands a flat panel detector with high sensitivity as well as a “smart” X-ray source which can avoid unnecessary exposure. In this talk, I will introduce the research progressed in our group on flatpanel X-ray source and detector. An active pixel architecture based on dual-gate photosensitive a-Si TFT has been proposed, which integrates sensing, storage, and readout functionalities into one device. Three types of dual-gate photosensitive a-Si TFTs with planar, π- and FIN-shaped channelshave been developed. The reported dual-gate photosensitive TFT architecture appears to be very promising for enabling large area high sensitive indirect-conversion X-ray imaging applications. Furthermore, a flat panel X-ray source was developed using ZnO nanowire field emitter.Flat panel X-ray sources were also developed and high resolution static imaging was realized.Addressable field emitter arrays using ZnO nanowires were fabricated and good gate-controlled characteristics were realized, which paves the way for the future addressable flat panel X-ray source.