Exploring Novel Topological Materials---High-throughput ab initio approach
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  • 报告主题:Exploring Novel Topological Materials---High-throughput ab initio approach

    报告嘉宾:赵锦柱博士, 南方科技大学研究助理教授

    时  间:2017年9月12日(周)下午 3:30-5:00

    地  点:南区物理与能源学院N1206会议室



        In Weyl semi-metals (WSMs), the electrons of opposite chirality, known as massless Weyl fermions, move like photons in vacuum. However, all topological fermions discovered to date in WSMs are limited in very small regions of the Brillouin zone. In our work, we present a general recipe for exploring ‘ideal’ Weyl fermions from the view of symmetry protection. Specifically, the candidates in the recipe possess two significant advantages protected by symmetry of system: 1. The Weyl physics is strongly robust with respect to lattice disorder since the nodal points with opposite Chern number cannot easily annihilate each other; 2. Certain projections of the Weyl nodes onto the surface Brillouin zone induce very long Fermi arcs which are favoring their experimental detection. In our view, this symmetry analysis approach is generally an important advancement for this class of novel materials and is able to be applied for other kinds of Weyl fermions. By performing high-through-put calculations, we provide a group of candidate that fit these non-trivial features. Hence, this work opens a pathway that will significantly influence the research of WSMs in the future.



    赵锦柱,男,南方科技大学物理系研究助理教授。2003.9-2010.6在南京大学物理系学习,分别获学士、硕士学位。 2010.10--2013.10在比利时列日大学物理系以及法国波尔多第一大学学习获得博士学位。 201311--20177月在南方科技大学物理系先后从事Research Fellow和博士后研究,20178月获聘南方科技大学物理系研究助理教授。 赵锦柱从事第一性原理计算凝聚态方面的研究,在氧化物铁电材料、固体中结构相变及相关电子性质,拓扑材料的预测等方面的研究中,在Phys. Rev. Lett., Phys. Rev. B (Rapid), Nanoscale等期刊发表论文10余篇。